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Hallo, nice to meet you!  My name is Daan. Living in a small village Ven-zelderheide in the Netherlands. I like change and doing things different. I don’t fit into a box and I’m constantly evolving. I’m inspired by travel and culture and color and black & white and happiness and sadness and everything in between. I see beauty in almost everything and that click is how I freeze it. I can’t imagine a world without my camera in my hand. 2022 I discovered the GoPro’s. I use the GoPro Hero Black 12 and 11 Mini for mountainbiking. Recently I added an DJI Mini 4 Pro.   About

Started my photography journey in 1993 with a Pentax P30t + 50mm. The hobby became more than an hobby. 2010 I founded my own business for giving photography workshops on locations in the Netherlands like: Posbank, Openluchtmuseum Arnhem, Amsterdam, Burgers Zoo, Apenheul and more. I had the luck to give some workshops in Indonesia (Bali & Jakarta) in 2014, 2015 and 2016. In 2022 I stopped my photography business. This was an hard decision to make. But I lost my passion in photography. I wanted to find the joy and passion back in photography and to have more free time for my other hobbies like mountainbiking.

over Tanah Lot Bali Indonesië - by Daan Wagner
Tanah Lot Bali Indonesia

Traveling for me is about education and the people I meet always make the trip. – it makes it heaps easier to connect with the locals and get an inside look at a destination and you’ll most likely find me lost somewhere, camera in my hand trying to blag my way through a conversation in a language I don’t really get Some of the countries I visited last few years: China, Indonesië, Guatemala, Belize, Mexico Maleisië, Australia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Sri Lanka, Amerika etc… – if you see me, come say hi 🙂 

So, what do you want to know? I always find these about me pages a bit weird to write but hey, you can also ask me questions in the comments. I’m happy to answer them. Curious what you can find  in my camera bag?  .

About Daan - photos made by Daan Wagner - Wagner Photography

Use photos

When I did take a picture of you than you are free to use it non commercial. Please with a link back to the website. When using it commercially then please contact me. The photos may not be reproduced, copied, transmitted, used or manipulated without the written permission of Wagner Photography


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  1. Jan avatar

    Paar jaar geleden workshop bij je gevolgd op de Posbank toen met een Fuji. En dat was erg leerzaam. Zo wilde ik nu meer leren over mijn nieuwe Sony a7 III. En wilde ik mij inschrijven voor een workshop in het Openlucht museum. Maar zie deze niet meer staan. Ben je gestopt?

    1. Daan avatar

      Dag Jan,

      Mooie aanwinst de Sony A7 III. Ga je veel plezier aan beleven. Geef nog wel workshops, maar niet meer op locatie. Alleen nog thuis in ’t Ven. Zo houdt ik nu meer tijd over om zelf bezig te zijn met fotografie en andere hobby’s 😉

      Als je puur opzoek bent naar hoe werkt de camera. Dan vindt je op Youtube aantal hele goede filmpjes met uitleg. Zoek dan eens op Mark Galer. Hij heeft aantal goede videos gemaakt.


  2. Jan avatar

    Daan bedankt voor de tips. Ga hem opzoeken op YouTube.

    En ven Zelderheide kende ik niet, maar wat een mooie omgeving. Je hoort binnen kort van ons. We komen graag weer een keer langs voor een workshop. Laatste keer was het ook op en top geregeld.

  3. Micha avatar

    Hi Dan!

    Awesome pictures on your website! I see that your are a Sony shooter. Why not using Fujifilm anymore? Maybe a good next blog post.

    1. Daan avatar

      Hi Mischa,

      Unfortunately I had to much problems with the service of Fujifilm NL. So I decided to switch to Sony in they end. Still like the concept of Fujifilm.

      Its not that I like Sony more. The camera is just a tool to make a picture.


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